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I haven't made buttons or done anything remotely crafty in so long so this was long overdue. I quite enjoy this batch. I'm thinking about setting up a website to sell my buttons around campus but I'm just so attached to them I don't know if I'll ever do it. ANYWAYS...enjoy the pretty colors.

I found some pretty circles of solid color so I thought, why not? I quite like them, the colors are much more vibrant in person.

The lot of the ones that aren't solid color.

A close up.

Another close up. The one on the left with the text is my favorite one probably, although it looks like crap in this photo. It has little snippets of text about F. Scott Fitzgerald on it and it says "you may find yourself dreaming of jazz bands and swirling parties hosted by a man named Gatsby..." It currently resides on my bag.

All the solid color ones. Every one is a different color, though it doesn't appear that way in this photo.

All the ones that aren't solid color.

AH, I feel good now.

Anyways: to sell or not to sell???
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